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Lucy Küng

Regula Bührer Fecker

Oscar Knapp

Sylvia Egli von Matt

SWI swissinfo.ch committee

Lucy Küng 
© SRG SSR / Marcel Grubenmann
Chair, Professor of Media Innovation at the University of Oslo, Visiting Fellow at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford

Regula Bührer Fecker
© SRG SSR / Marcel Grubenmann
Communications expert, partner and founder of communication agency Rod Kommunikation, lecturer and speaker on the subjects of strategic planning and crossmedia at a number of Swiss educational institutions, Zurich

Oscar Knapp 
© SRG SSR / Marcel Grubenmann
Former Swiss ambassador, former member of management at the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters, Federal Department of Finance, Scuol

Ombudswoman SWI
Sylvia Egli von Matt
Vice-president of the Federal Media Commission

Organization chart

”The Public Council evaluated several articles differently and critically but rates the editorial work as very good overall. In particular it proactively implemented the challenges posed by social media and multimedia.”

Urs Ziswiler
President of the Public Council

SWI swissinfo.ch Public Council

In accordance with the SWI swissinfo.ch constitution, the Public Council ensures close contact between the programme managers and the audience.

The Public Council advises the managers in all programme matters and monitors and supports programme work with observations, suggestions and ideas. It regularly evaluates the development, organization and success of the international mandate in terms of quality, relevance, variety and uniqueness.

Urs Ziswiler, President of the Public Council
Former ambassador (Canada, USA, Spain), member of the Board of Directors and member of various committees since 2013, Zurich

Diccon Bewes, Vice-president
Author and bookseller, Bern

Chok Woo
Engineer and manager, Bern

Marina Karlin
Publishing director, editor and journalist, Zurich

Cinzia Dal Zotto 
Professor at the University of Neuchâtel

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Urs Ziswiler

Diccon Bewes

Chok Woo

Marina Karlin

Cinzia Dal Zotto

The Public Council of SWI swissinfo.ch looks back at 2017

We asked the members of the Public Council to answer the following two questions and to take a look back at 2017.

  • Why was the ten-language platform swissinfo.ch particularly important in 2017?
  • What was an editorial highlight or an especially interesting report for you on www.swissinfo.ch?


Remarks by the
SWI swissinfo.ch
Public Council

Discussions and meetings
The Public Council held three regular meetings in its new configuration in 2016. The joint meeting with the Committee of the SRG Board of Directors responsible for SWI swissinfo.ch was held in February. The new President, Urs Ziswiler, attended three meetings of the Committees of the various SRG Public Councils. Prior to the June meeting, the Council attended the meeting of all editorial staff, making three presentations at the event.


Key figures


Operating result (CHF 1'000) 13 -216 0
Total expenditure (CHF 1'000) 18'807 18'817 17'732
Total return (CHF 1'000) 18'820 18'601 17'732
Financing SWI swissinfo.ch
Proportion SRG SSR (in %) 49.9 51.3 50.0
Proportion Confederation (in %) 49.9 48.5 49.5
Proportion SWI swissinfo.ch (in %) 0.2 0.2 0.5
Investments (CHF 1'000) 377 189 310
Proportion of turnover committed to investment (in %) 2.0 1.0 1.7
Depreciation (CHF 1'000) 370.0 478.0 505.0
Equity capital (CHF 1'000) 1'466 1'453 1'669
Provision (CHF 1'000) 630 1'345 581
Full-time positions 85 85 85
Salary increase (in %) 0.0 0.0 0.0

Personnel statistics

Number of employees 2016%Number of employees 2015%
Collective employment contract (CEA)9185.89189.2
Executive employees1211.3118.7
Temporary employees32.800.0
of which full-time employees2826.42827.5
of which part-time employees2927.43029.4
Women 4946.24443.1
of which full-time employees1110.41514.7
of which part-time employees3835.82928.4
Total part-time employees6763.25957.8
Nationality: CH8277.47775.5
Nationality: EU1312.31514.7
Nationality: other1110.4109.8
Number of represented
nations (without CH)
Full-time positions85.384.6