"Switzerland has strong global interrelationships: it shapes foreign countries, it exercises influence, it depends on foreign countries – journalistically we have to position ourselves more strongly"


"You have to keep a positive attitude within the team, no matter what is going on. We're always trying to find the angle and/or approach that might interest an extremely diverse Arab audience in our output. We have to listen to our readers, and respond to their comments and questions as best we can."

Kamel Dhif
Head of the Arabic Department

SWI Highlights 2017


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Introducing the Multimedia team
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A summary by
Ariane Rustichelli,
Director of the OSA


«Your connection to Switzerland»


über 22 000 Mal für ein verständnisvolles Miteinander
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2017 was marked by a new addition to the SWI family: the website.


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Diplomatic back channels: Castro stretches out a hand to Clinton in Geneva
Cuban president Fidel Castro flew to Geneva in 1998 for a world summit and while there wished to initiate ties with US president Bill Clinton. While his hopes ...
How the Swiss Abroad celebrate their national day
The Swiss are celebrating their National Day, not only here in the Alpine homeland but in every country where Swiss people are now living and working. August ...
What Switzerland and North Korea have in common
In both North Korea and Switzerland, the omnipresence of high mountains most probably affects the national psyche. An exhibition at the Alpine Museum in Bern ...
Tales of positivity to fight the covid blues
Last spring, when the coronavirus pandemic reached Switzerland, we asked you – our readers and viewers – to send us a video or voice message of your silver ...
The great Mars debate
Is human exploration of Mars worth the cost and the risk? Will we ever see the first man or woman on the surface of the Red Planet? Following the launch of ...
Pension reform in Switzerland: a democratic balancing act
The reform of pension systems is a pressing item on most political agendas worldwide. But in Switzerland, all major reform efforts since 2003 have failed.
Fighting the pandemic blues - S02E01
Last year, as the coronavirus pandemic hit Switzerland, and the rest of the world, we asked our readers and followers to look at the bright side of those dark ...
Electric cars – how much cleaner are they?
Are electric vehicles really more eco-friendly than other types of cars? The Swiss TV consumer magazine 'Kassensturz' used a new climate calculator to find the ...
My brother dug me out of an avalanche
Two skiers who were lucky to have survived an avalanche released this video as a warning to others. It shows in detail how one of them nearly died.
A nightclub in an isolated Swiss town
Before Juliane and Nici opened Cult, young people in the eastern Swiss town of Scuol had to drive for miles – even across the border into Austria – for a bit of ...