, Swiss web TV
for the Italian audience

2017 was marked by a new addition to the
SWI family: the website.

Daniele Mariani, Head of was launched in 2014 and managed until the end of 2016 by RSI. Its aim is to enable the Italian – and Italian-speaking – audience to enjoy a selection of Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen's audiovisual productions, with a particular focus on news and current affairs. A special effort has been made to provide even more of the context surrounding events in Switzerland. Indeed, the Swiss Confederation, its political system and its direct democracy are a world often misunderstood by the Italian public. It frequently seems that concepts such as the Federal Council, popular initiatives, and consultation proceedings, are complete mysteries.

The five-strong editorial team, some of whom work in Comano, in the Ticino, and others in Bern, work to shed light on such matters, and to produce reports on issues which concern relations between Italy and Switzerland, for example, cross-border affairs, or the Italian presence within Switzerland.

The design and navigation structure of the site have been completely reworked. One of the main results of this work is that is now accessible to people with disabilities.

Despite its young age, with almost 160,000 fans on Facebook and 16,000 followers on Twitter, is already well established.